19 Representatives Are Taking a Stand

Shortly after the 2018 General Election, a group of State Representatives began to publicly call out Speaker Mattiello's tyrannical rulership, and proposed amendments to the House Rules that would fix the broken system.

Here are the names of these leaders. (source: Uprise RI)
Edith Ajello (District 1, Providence)
Moira Walsh (District 3, Providence)
Rebecca Kislak (District 4, Providence)
Marcia Ranglin-Vassell (District 5, Providence)
Raymond Hull (District 6, Providence)
John Lombardi (District 8, Providence)
Joseph Almeida (District 12, Providence)
Arthur Handy (District 18, Cranston)
Justine Caldwell (District 30, East Greenwich)
Teresa Tanzi (District 34, Narragansett, South Kingstown)
Kathleen Fogarty (District 35, South Kingstown)
Mary Messier (District 62, Pawtucket)
Katherine Kazarian (District 63, East Providence)
Liana Cassar (District 66, Barrington, East Providence)
Jason Knight (District 67, Barrington, Warren)
Susan Donovan (District 69, Bristol)
Terri-Denise Cortvriend (District 72, Portsmouth)
Deborah Ruggiero (District 74, Jamestown)
Lauren Carson (District 75, Newport)

They've Proposed Serious Changes

On January 2nd, the Reform Caucus held a press conference and announced its Rules Reforms proposals. These reforms would collectively make the legislative process more transparent, reduce the Speaker's ability to manipulate and circumvent the process, and better enable individual legislators to act freely in the interests of their districts.

You can find a concise summary and description of each proposal at The Rules Proposals, and watch the press conference here.

And the Public Outcry is Growing

It's been publicly known for some time that The Speaker of the House is too powerful. But with Nicholas Mattiello occupying that position, many people who were otherwise not familiar with Rhode Island state government have become familiar with his abuse of power - and of other representatives.

A movement is growing. The people of Rhode Island want their government to represent them - they want their elected officials to be able to act in their interests, not those of The Speaker and his friends.

And that's why Rhode Islanders for Reform took root. People, both in the State House and outside of it, are calling for reforms to the House Rules that would diminish The Speaker's ability to lord over the other Representatives. We want a House of Representatives that can actually work for Rhode Islanders and our interests,  and where our elected representatives can...represent us.

We don't think that's too much to ask for. Do you?