The Senate is Under Siege:

Senate leadership is attempting to weaken our democracy by consuming the power of individual Senators, and therefore the constituents they represent. We’ve already emailed each Senator, but the voice of the people is what will prevent this attack on the integrity of the Senate. 
The proposed 2019-2020 Senate Rules package compromise the transparency and accountability of the Upper Chamber of the RI General Assembly. Senate Leadership’s amendments to the Senate Rules resemble the House Rules, which were resisted with exceptional audacity this year by the Reform Caucus and Rhode Islanders for Reform.
Learn more about what is at stake in our official public statement, and help to preserve the integrity of the Senate by taking action below!

Take Action to Save the Senate!

->Call or email your State Senator

Ask them to oppose the changes to the Senate Rules that would significantly increase the power of the Senate President.
This takes less than a minute, and many senators simply need to hear their constituents' concerns to convince them to make the right choice. There is a short script below.
Note: If your Senator is on the Senate Rules Committee, it is even more important that you contact them! They are the first line of defense against this power grab by the Senate President. Make sure to include the extra line in the script below.

Sample Call/Email Script:

Hello Senator ____,

My name is ____ and I'm a constituent of yours. I'm calling today to urge you to oppose the proposed amendments to the Senate Rules package.

Government in our state has a reputation of corruption, especially in the House of Representatives. The Senate has always been the backbone of transparency and public acc
ountability in Rhode Island politics. We cannot let this be destroyed! Senators should have the time and information to make responsible public policy without fear of retaliation, and they should have the power to make their constituents' voices heard. If the new Senate Rules pass, that will no longer be the case.

[Only if your Senator is on the Senate Rules Committee:
As a member of the Senate Rules Committee, you are the first line of defense against these disastrous amendments to the Senate Rules.]

I'm asking you as a constituent to be a champion for the integrity of the Senate. I am asking you to oppose the rules changes being proposed by Senate Leadership, protect the transparency and accountability of the legislative process, and ensure that you continue to have the power to represent your constituents.

Thank you very much.

You can read about the proposed Senate Rules amendments here.

->Email the Champions and show them some love!

By standing up to preserve the integrity of the Senate, these Senators are doing a huge service to everyone in Rhode Island.
Join us in sending them a quick email to thank them for their tireless advocacy! The list these leaders is as follows, with their email addresses linked in their names.

Gayle Goldin (District 3, Providence)
Sam Bell (District 5, Providence)
Adam Satchell (District 9, West Warwick)
Donna Nesselbush (District 15, Pawtucket/North Providence)
Bridget Valverde (District 35, East Greenwich/North Kingstown/South Kingstown/Narragansett)

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->Want to do more?

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